Wednesday, May 1, 2013


Focus on HOW, not what.

How do the writer's choices (of image, metaphor, subject, structure) develop meaning and emotional effects?
Only analysis -- no paraphrase! No paraphrase. No paraphrase. This note is especially for prose selections.
Write with awareness of speaker/narrator perspective.

How is the piece organized?
Open up metaphors. What is compared to what? Add to what has come before and develop meaning.
What is the subject and predicate of each sentence? Read to see the relationships within the sentences as a way of understanding other relationships in and beyond the poem.

Honor what the sentences actually say.
Overwrite and edit afterward.
Write sensibly, create meaning, and make sense of vagueness and ambiguity.

Good luck! You are ready. Write confidently.


Here is the blog with a teacher's attempt at "July Man." It might help you prep a little. I responded to the link as well. It is much easier managed on a phone or iPad than with a computer, which will ask questions before opening the commentary.

Good luck on the exam. My best hopes are with you.