Thursday, October 29, 2009


Prepare your individual memory selections and analyze them in the same way you analyzed your assignments from Act I: context, speaker, audience, situation, purpose, imagery, motif, irony -- other elements if you notice them to be more dominant.

By the way, if any of you have one of your old "Who Am I?" powerpoint shows from ninth grade, I could sure use a couple of them for examples for my third and fourth blocks. Thanks!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


List your top three choices for a memory piece. Read the rest of the play. Be prepared to report on the images, motifs (or possible ones), and ironies in your selection from class Tuesday/Wednesday.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Reminder of fees

>>> Elissa COX 10/26/2009 9:26 AM >>>
If you all do not mind, please remind senior IB students this week that the EXAM FEE is due October 30 along with their signed registration form!!! 

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Tuesday-Friday (revised!)

For Tuesday/Wednesday: make your choices for memorization from Macbeth and complete the handout on Act I on a separate piece of notebook paper (or type it). Finish the play entirely by Thursday/Friday.

The memorization choices I gave you do not match the Holt book (thanks Sarah and Maddison). So Row 1 (by the window) gets Act I
Row 2 gets Act II
Row 3 gets Act III
Row 4 gets Act IV
Row 5 gets Act V
Row 6 (by the computers) gets Act III

As you read, choose a passage from your assigned act. The passage should be 10-15 lines in length for one speaker, or if you want to act a little scene with a partner, 20-30 lines. Choose crucial speeches and exchanges, important ones that look as if they could be extracted for an oral commentary. If your individual speech is longer than 20 lines, I will score you with a bonus. Thus, you should read and choose carefully for an important speech or exchange, prioritize two or three passages in case you do not get the one you want, and tell me your choices on Thursday/Friday. You will have one week to prepare for your recitation.

Exceptions to the act assignment are possible if you have a desire to do a famous or important speech from another act, but have good reasons.

For Thursday/Friday: finish reading the play

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

For Thursday/Monday

Complete this assignment for Thursday/Monday:
1. Perambulate about the premises until you find the perfect subject: an object or person you can observe minutely. As an exercise in PAYING ATTENTION, write 150-200 words describing your chosen object or person in perfectly objective language -- but with a theme.
2. In a second paragraph, write your thoughts and develop the theme overtly. Make it explicit -- clear to any moron -- what you implied in the first paragraph.
3. Effectively clench the piece with a final short paragraph that shows what you can do. I'd like to have the breath knocked out of me. (Wouldn't you?)

Be prepared to read your piece to your classmates when you return. The final step will be to reflect on the experience. Grading will be on observed effort and not on close reading on my part.

The model text:

MARRAKECH (1939) by George Orwell
As the corpse went past the flies left the restaurant table in a cloud and rushed after it, but they came back a few minutes later. The little crowd of mourners-all men and boys, no womenthreaded their way across the market-place between the piles of pomegranates and the taxis and the camels, wailing a short chant over and over again. What really appeals to the flies is that the corpses here are never put into coffins, they are merely wrapped in a piece of rag and carried on a rough wooden bier on the shoulders of four friends. When the friends get to the burying-ground they hack an oblong hole a foot or two deep, dump the body in it and fling over it a little of the dried-up, lumpy earth, which is like broken brick. No gravestone, no name, no identifying mark of any kind. The burying-ground is merely a huge waste of hummocky earth, like a derelict building-lot. After a month or two no one can even be certain where his own relatives are buried.

When you walk through a town like this-two hundred thousand inhabitants, of whom at least twenty thousand own literally nothing except the rags they stand up in-when you see how the people live, and still more how easily they die, it is always difficult to believe that you are walking among human beings. All colonial empires are in reality founded upon that fact.The people have brown faces-besides, there are so many of them! Are they really the same flesh as yourself? Do they even have names? Or are they merely a kind of undifferentiated brown stuff, about as individual as bees or coral insects? They rise out of the earth, they sweat and starve for a few years, and then they sink back into the nameless mounds of the graveyard and nobody notices that they are gone. And even the graves themselves soon fade back into the soil.

Sometimes, out for a walk, as you break your way through the prickly pear, you notice that it is rather bumpy underfoot, and only a certain regularity in the bumps tells you that you are walking over skeletons.

Monday, October 19, 2009

for Tuesday/Wednesday

1. Wear shoes you can walk outside in and enough clothes to stay warm. We'll go for a nature walk.
2. Bring in your written conclusions about style in either Conrad or Orwell. See Dropbox for handouts.
3. Late reminder: quiz on language notes

Thursday, October 15, 2009

For Friday/Monday

Your video projects are due! Also, reread "Down the Mine" by Orwell and bring in a copy of it if you have it printed. The Friday class will be observed, so show up with what you need!

Monday, October 12, 2009


There is some sort of meeting for seniors tomorrow at 8:45 with Jostens about ordering graduation supplies. Do not let this get in the way of your assignments!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Retest opportunity

You may review notes and retake Language Quiz 2 on Tuesday morning before class or Tuesday afternoon IMMEDIATELY after school if you made below 80. The highest grade awarded on this retest will be an 80. It will concern Patterns 1-5 and will NOT be the same quiz. You will need to recognize patterns and diagram five sentences. See me before then if you have difficulties. I also recommend that you tutor each other on this material.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


1. Read all Orwell essays by Friday/Monday.
2. Due next week –
Orwell and Conrad: Pinhead or Patriot?
Create a video with your group that shows each author to be either

*Video must be between 2-3 minutes. (-5 for each 10 secs)
*Team must be of 3-5 members who act, direct, and edit.
*Formatted like the O'Reilly Factor segment (0 or 10)
*Talking head asserts and evaluates (unlike O'Reilly did here) in a way that clearly demonstrates why each man is either a PINHEAD or a PATRIOT. (0, 10, 20, or 30)
*Clips demonstrate evidence with direct quotes from assigned texts spoken by actors portraying authors (0, 15, or 30)
* Video:
Editing clean, professional, done till done right (0, 5, or 10)
Audio clearly understandable; music appropriate (0, 5, or 10)
Visual quality and appeal (0, 5, or 10)

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


For tomorrow and Thursday, read "The Spike" and prepare for the language test on notes from days 1-10.